Zakat Services

“Allah ﷻ says, “And establish the prayer and pay the zakat, whatever good you put forward for yourselves, you shall find it with Allah, indeed Allah is All-Seeing of what you do”

– Quran 2:110.

Zakat Consultation

Our Zakat Calculator will provide you with a good idea of how much Zakat you have to pay each year.

However, it will not always be useful for novel situations or to provide clarification to questions you may have.

The New Zealand Zakat Foundation provides a consulting service for people who want to sit down with a Zakat Consultant. You will receive a report that will provide you with an accurate breakdown of how much Zakat you owe along with your Zakat due date.

The fee for the consultation is $100.00 and goes towards the operating costs of NZZF.

To arrange a Zakat consultation, please send us a message letting us know and we will be in touch to arrange your appointment.


“It is with this great gratitude that we wish to thank the Amana Trust for the outstanding support they gave to a client of The Umma Trust.

The reason this client was recommended to you, out of our more than 100 clients receiving support was that the family were going through very tough times as their business closed down and both experiencing depression.

In addition the debt was causing issues between the parents as the debt made their communication hard. Therefore, it was saving their marriage as well as getting them out of depression. Also this is a family with great strengths who have two children at university so impact on them and their future was significant.

The client reported to me recently that her family are doing well, and her husband is planning to go and study business courses. The Umma Trust expresses its gratitude to the Amana Trust for achieving this great outcome and saving the future of this family.”

Recipient of Zakat for debt category.

The New Zealand Zakat Fund has helped me to learn my religion in a way that I would be unable to without it. As an adult and a new Muslim I have found immense benefit to be able to devote my time to learning the Quran without the time constraint and concern of full time work.

Receipient of Zakat for convert category