Zakat Services

“Allah ﷻ says, “And establish the prayer and pay the zakat, whatever good you put forward for yourselves, you shall find it with Allah, indeed Allah is All-Seeing of what you do”

– Quran 2:110.

Zakat Consultation

Our Zakat Calculator will provide you with a good idea of how much Zakat you have to pay each year.

However, it will not always be useful for novel situations or to provide clarification to questions you may have.

The New Zealand Zakat Foundation provides a consulting service for people who want to sit down with a Zakat Consultant. You will receive a report that will provide you with an accurate breakdown of how much Zakat you owe along with your Zakat due date.

The fee for the consultation is $100.00 and goes towards the operating costs of NZZF.

To arrange a Zakat consultation, please send us a message letting us know and we will be in touch to arrange your appointment.


The assistance provided me with financial sustainability, and left me feeling appreciative, grateful, and loved by my fellow Muslim community. I feel with the level of discretion and respect we were treated with, there isn’t anything I am not grateful for and cannot find any fault with the service.

We are a growing people, with more and more immigration. We come with different challenges and knowing your fellow Muslim brother/sister is there makes the transition so much easier. Alhamdullilah and shukr Allah for putting us in each other’s paths as I would also like to be in a position of service one day In Sha Allah.

Recipient of Zakat 2022

I was desperate this year and needed help and as a temporary visa holder, I am not eligible for any governmental support. I heard about the NZ Zakat Foundation from a friend, she mentioned how they help people and change their life. I was worried about not being eligible this time too.  Sometimes small sudden expenses can be a huge barrier for people. The help we received from the NZ Zakat foundation was a big relief for my family and solved many problems for us. 

Having NZ Zakat Foundation here in New Zealand is a blessing for many people in need in New Zealand. I was thinking paying Zakat and donating overseas is best but after what we’ve been through, I think it is important for people to donate here too. I would love to thank everyone who pays Zakat and donate to NZZF, Jazakom Allah Khairan

Receipient of Zakat 2022